Pajaro Pastures

Owned and operated by Ryan Abelson. Ryan was one of our first interns from UCSC. Ryan was immediately fascinated with livestock management and upon graduating, sought guidance and support from Fogline in building and managing his own flock of pasture-raised egg layers. Today, Ryan is running a flock of 400 chickens in Corralitos.

In 2014, Fogline partnered with Pajaro Pastures to raise egg layers together. By combining forces, both Fogline and Pajaro are able to focus their attention on other projects, while minimizing impact on the land and their lives at their respective farms. /// facebook

Your Family Farm 

Your Family Farm (YFF) is owned and operated by Kim and Richard Williams. Located deep in the Panoche Valley outside of Hollister, YFF's heritage breed hogs have acres upon acres of open pasture land to live out their days. Fed a non-gmo, natural feed, the hogs are well maintained and cared for.

In 2014, Fogline partnered with YFF to supply the demand that continues to increase in the Central Coast and Bay Area for responsibly raised pork. YFF, with their location has limited access to markets. Fogline, with limited space, and a need to minimize impact on the land, has partnered with YFF to keep the supply flowing. Fogline partners in the raising and growing, brings the hogs to slaughter, and then brings the carcases in house and puts our own artisanal butchers to work. YFF's hogs are here to fill the void in Fogline's production. The consumer will know what they are buying. Fogline continues to keep the transparency they are committed to. Visit Your Family Farm's facebook page to see what they are up to.