At Fogline, we use to raise a mix of Tamworth, Old Spot and Berkshire hogs ourselves. Currently, due to land access issues, we have partnered with Your Family Farm in Panoche Valley, for our market hogs. They raise the same mix we once did.  Their operation is all outdoors and on pasture, and the hogs are fed a non-gmo diet. The heritage breed cross offspring grow fast and strong and have outstanding flavor. 



Our fruit and vegetables are grown in rotation with our pastures, which makes for fertile ground and low pest pressures.  Since the beginning it has been Fogline's mission to integrate animals into annual crop rotations to take advantage of the "value-added fertility" that the animals provide.  They also help clear the path of pests for the vegetables to flourish.  We grow a wide range of produce to meet the demand of our CSA, with about 25 crops grown in rotation. 



We raise Cornish Cross broilers on pasture and these birds are the main engine of our fertility program.  Our meat birds are raised in low density chicken tractors and moved to fresh ground every day.  These birds are famous in our community for their freshness and flavor profile. 


Fogline Farm is located at the historic Manildi Ranch, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Soquel Village.  Overlooking the Monterey Bay at 900 feet above sea level, the farm is in a spectacular setting and enjoys a beautiful growing climate with cool evenings and warm, sunny days. Fogline Farm’s owners, Caleb Barron and Johnny Wilson, try to design the agricultural systems to take full advantage of nature’s inherent resilience, beauty and abundance. To the best of our ability, we commit to steward the land in the most ecologically responsible way. We farm without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and genetically modified organisms.  All of our animals are raised on pasture and fed organic feed, and our crops are rotated in order to take advantage of the fertility and pest management the animals provide.  We manage our farm so every operation provides a benefit to another. This practice allows for minimal outside inputs and eliminates most of its waste.


In 2016, Fogline Farm leased 10 acres from Rodoni Farms. This beautiful ranch, with sprawling views of the pacific ocean and the golden hills that form the central coast, is just 3 miles North of Santa Cruz. At the Rodoni Ranch, Fogline Farm is able to give their certified organic, pasture-raised broilers more pasture to move around on, and a more moderate coastal climate.