CSA Interview with star CSA member, Sol.

Hey friends!

Here is an excerpt from our weekly newsletter that goes out along with our CSA boxes each week.  Sol submitted a recipe and our newsletter writer Katie followed up with an interview about Sol and her CSA box! 

Thanks gals! 

Remember that beyond-yum Pork Pot Pie recipe from last week contributed by a long-standing CSA member, Sol? Lucky for us she was willing to share her food knowledge and a little more this week. We'll let her interview take center-stage. 

Fogline Correspondent: How long have you been a part of the Fog CSA, and what specifically drew you to it?

Sol: I've been a member from the very beginning, so it's been four seasons.  Before I joined, I had tasted and was already hooked on the delicious Fogline chicken. I signed up after meeting Johnny and hearing about his CSA. I care a lot about where my food comes from and had been looking to support a local farm. Fogline was the perfect fit.

FC: What have been some of your favorite turn outs from the basket? What has been something you'd probably not want to cook with ever again :) 

Sol: I look forward to the Padron peppers every summer. They are so delicious simply grilled and tossed with olive oil, sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. I like experimenting with everything we get in the basket.

I'm still figuring out how to best prepare Celtuce. 

FC: When did you fall in love with food? What is your favorite style of cooking?

Sol: I was introduced to delicious food growing up in a kitchen where my mom prepared fresh, Mediterranean style meals every night. I think I fell in love with food (while) traveling abroad and experiencing the simplicity of fresh ingredients, beautiful outdoor food markets and cultures that revolve around food, family and friends. I love to cook with fresh and seasonal ingredients. I think of my CSA basket and the local farmer's market as my grocery store. I lean towards using olive oil, lots of vegetables, sustainable seafood, lean meats and serving some type of salad at every meal. 

FC: What are some of your current favorite restaurants/chefs in the Bay Area?

Sol: I love Cotogna - incredible food, service and atmosphere. I recently tried La Balena and it's a new favorite. Favorite chefs are Michael Tusk, Brandon Jew, Thomas McNaughton and Charlie Parker (now in LA). 

FC: What is the one ingredient or pantry staple you cannot do without in your kitchen?

Sol: The first thing that came to mind was salt, but I always need a good extra virgin olive oil in the pantry. I also love to have a bowl of lemons and a couple of my favorite vinegars on hand for dressing salads and adding a finishing touch to veggies and proteins. It's hard to narrow down to one ingredient:)

We're lucky to have gals like Sol and the rest of our CSA crew, fighting the Good Food fight!


the Fog Crew